Blues of the Deep South: 3 less Known Covers of “Summer Wine”


There’s something irresistible about the swampy and murky sound of some parts of Southern blues music. Things like the soundtrack of “True Detective” or some of the music in Elizabethtown, or anything by the Chicago old school of musicians are guaranteed to put you in that dreamy soulful mood which only good blues music can nurture in a person. There are probably a hundred – nay, a thousand – artists or songs which can be put in that special mood as well, but since there’s no point in writing a list or bombing you with too many recommendations which you’ll forget too soon, let’s try to focus on one thing at a time instead. Within the kind of blues music generally described above, a special place deserves to be held by the evergreen “Summer Wine”. You may argue that it’s a too obvious or mainstream choice of song, but precisely because of that, today we thought about sharing with you a few less known covers of “Summer Wine”.

Originally, the song was sung by Suzi Jane Hokom and Lee Hazlewood (in 1966), but achieved its initial popularity in a duet by Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra, later on (in 1967). The super-seductive and moody feel of the song, combined with how easy it is to remember and replay it were such a huge hit that it made the song generate a lot of covers in the following decades, in a lot of languages and contexts and various authorships and styles. The most new “Summer Wine” covers seem to keep pouring to this day, which is yet another measure of how good the song really is.

Some of the best known and truly fantastic reinterpretations of the song were Andrea Corr and Bono’s, Ville Valo and Natalia Avelon’s (for the soundtrack of a German movie called Das Wilde Leben), or the most recent cover by Lana del Rey and Barrie James O’Neill. If we were to pick the top 3 best known covers of the song – or even the ones we enjoy most to listen to – these three would probably take the cake, in spite of being perhaps too mainstream-y, a bit. But since this post is going to be about bringing some less known variants of “Summer Wine” to your attention, here goes.

Jamie Meyer and Regina Lund

This cover of “Summer Wine” sounds very clean and dreamy, as it’s done acoustically and that allows the singers’ voices to really shine through, bright and crisp. The male voice belongs to Jamie Meyer, a relatively young Swedish performer which is more known in the pop music scene than the blues one. The female voice belongs to Regina Lund, a more established Swedish actress and singer. The Scandinavian duo sounds eerie and clear, with a more restrained romanticism than other version of “Summer Wine”, but still surprisingly good.

Moimir Papalescu and The Nihilists

This is a Czech band founded in 2003 that managed to bring a whole new vibe to the Czech musical scene. They’re a bit underground but truly wonderful and original. If you think you may be bored by all the versions of “Summer Wine” you’ve heard so far because they all seem to be predictable and whiny, give this cover a chance and it may be just the thing you were looking for. The photo above features this awesome band.

Jack Grace Band

This next band is officially labeled, genre-wise, as an experimental country art rock band, and if that doesn’t sound to you as the ideal background for covering “Summer Wine”, then we don’t know what is. Jack Grace, the central figure of the band, has an unique style which has been compared to Zappa’s for its experimental part and to Johnny Cash’s for its country vibe part. All in all, a list of indie covers for this song wouldn’t be complete without this entry.

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