Griff Hamlin Discography

Griff Hamlin Banded Together with Other Artists

In addition to releasing two albums with his band, (The Griff Hamlin Band) Griff Hamlin performed on several albums with other artists. These include “Inner Voice” by Renee Bondi, (1992) “All My Soul” by Eric Henderson, (2000) “The Sweetest Praise” by Alva, (2001) “It Was You” by Eric Casimir, (2002) “Patriot Voices” by Dave Taylor, (2002). His two albums with The Griff Hamlin Band are “The Griff Hamlin Band” (2001) and “Live in Poland” (2005).

The Music and Men Behind The Griff Hamlin Band

Griff Hamlin Discography

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“The Griff Hamlin Band” and “Live in Poland” were released through the GHB Records album label, which is a branch of Jazzology Records, founded by George H. Buck. “The Griff Hamlin Band” contains original Blues/Rock songs. It was nominated for “Best Blues” by the Orange County Music Awards. It received excellent critical and consumer reviews, and Griff Hamlin has been referred to as the next Stevie Ray Vaughan.

The band’s line up consists of Mark Smith on bass, Bernie Rubio on drums, and Griff Hamlin on guitars and vocals. The trio works very well together, and each part on the album is crisp and clear, with no instrument overshadowing the others.

Griff Hamlin Debut Album Tracks

The debut album includes the following tracks:

1.Don’t Lie

2.Louisiana Holiday

3.Coming Home

4.Running On*


6.G String Shuffle

7.Got to End

8.When Evil Comes*

9.Where Would I Begin

*The track listing is according to the record label. However, there is a mistake; tracks four, five, and eight are mixed up: “Morality” is track eight; “When Evil Comes” is track four, and “Running On” is track five.

The Griff Hamlin Band Album

Griff Hamlin Discography

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“The Griff Hamlin Band” is a fine blues/rock album. It flows nicely, and each song is sonically interesting and pleasing. There are no “skippable” tracks, or songs that alter the overall flow of the album. The album showcases the talent of each band member. Griff Hamlin is as talented a singer as he is a guitarist, and the guitar work throughout the album is fantastic without being overstated. For a great blues/rock jam, listen to “G String Shuffle.” The drums and guitars work in counterpoint in places, which makes it a delightfully interesting instrumental track. The bass work is excellent as well. In fact, it is the first sound I noticed on the opening track. In other words, each member of the band worked together to produce an album that is pleasing and interesting enough for many listens.

Live in Poland Album

Their live album, “Live in Poland” contains several of the songs released on their self-titled debut as well as covers like the Blues standard “Sweet Home Chicago.” The full track listing is as follows:

1.G String Shuffle/Letter to My Girlfriend

2.Texas Flood

3.Got to End

4.Running On

5.Me and My Guitar

6.Don’t Lie

7.Help the Poor

8.Sweet Home Chicago

The band performed for the album during a 2004 concert, and the album was released in 2005.

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